Getting to the party!

The party starts tomorrow, so here’s some last-minute information ion how to get there!

The basics 🔗

First of all, let’s start with the most important bit. Our address is:

  • Kruttverket
  • Arnljot Gellines Vei 41 B
  • 0657 Oslo

The entrance is from the west-side of the building. There will be signs telling you where to go, and a banner showing where to enter.

You can find it on Google Maps here:

However, due to limited parking options, we recommend people to use public transportation. The venue has zero parking spots, the only option is street parking, which is both hard to find and somewhat costy. Taking the subway or bus and walking from there is a lot easier.

Walking from Helsfyr T 🔗

To make things a bit easier, Offwhite and Susencrusen has made a little video showing how to walk from the nearest easily reachable public tranportation hub, Helsfyr Subway / Bus stop, which you can watch below! The video also makes a stop at Etterstad Sør along the way, which is the nearest bus stop, reachable by bus #37.

Hopefully, this should be enough to get you to the venue! See you there! 🤩