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Post-party stats

It’s been a while since Black Valley 2022, and we’ve been planning on publishing some information about how the party went. This has taken longer than we wanted, apologies for that.

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Copy That Floppy!

As some of you know, Menace and Dozer have been dumping disks to preserve demoscene materials at most recent Solskogen editions - and this year this service returns at Black Valley.

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Stream and DJ Sets

SceneSat are coming to Black Valley, and they will help us setting up a stream of the party!

We’ve also announced two DJs who will be performing DJ-sets during the party! Additionally, there will also be an surprise DJ duo playing on Friday evening. See our schedule for more information!

More tickets!

Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets, we’ve tried to find some solutions so that we can welcome a few more people at Black Valley this year. Since we do not have unlimited space at the venue, we have already made compromises on the amount of tables vs just chairs, and there will be no reserved seating available. Since we close the venue during the night, we expect everyone to take their stuff with them when they leave for the night.

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