More tickets!

Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets, we’ve tried to find some solutions so that we can welcome a few more people at Black Valley this year. Since we do not have unlimited space at the venue, we have already made compromises on the amount of tables vs just chairs, and there will be no reserved seating available. Since we close the venue during the night, we expect everyone to take their stuff with them when they leave for the night.

However, we have made a small change in the way we set up the space, and we will keep the table allotment a bit more dynamic - meaning we’ll have more tables out for those that want to work on their stuff during the daytime, then pack some of those tables away during the late evenings for the compo showings and DJ sets.

This way, we can squeeze a some more people in. We are therefore announcing that this coming Friday at 18:00, we will release a few more tickets. The tickets went fast last time - so you better act fast!