Post-party stats

It’s been a while since Black Valley 2022, and we’ve been planning on publishing some information about how the party went. This has taken longer than we wanted, apologies for that.

Tickets 🔗

Here’s a breakdown of the tickets we sold, by type:

Ticket type Amount
Visitor ticket 82
Supporter ticket 2
Free ticket 6

That’s a total of 93 tickets. Out of these 89 tickets were scanned at the door in exchange for a wristband and votekey.

The free tickets are tickets given to people who contributed to the party without being crew members. This was given out to people who worked on the invitation intro, played DJ sets at the party or provided the SceneSat stream.

Competitions 🔗

We held 7 competitions, with a total of 51 contributions across all disciplines!

To pick the winners, 75 votes were cast by 75 registered voters. This means that almost 85% of the visitors voted!

Budget 🔗

We want to be a transparent organization, so we think it makes sense to publish how the finances went. This way, people can get to know what their entrance fee was spent on.

Item Amount
Rent, Venue -12,000.00 kr
Rent, Bar -4,000.00 kr
Rent, PA -17,561.25 kr
Rent, Projector screen -4,212.50 kr
Rent, Tables -1,258.00 kr
Print, Crew t-shirts -1,548.00 kr
Print, Wristbands -694.00 kr
Print, Nametags + Banner -506.00 kr
Hand sanitizers -239.60 kr
Floor mats -1,990.00 kr
Ear plugs -447.00 kr
Strips -278.00 kr
Silver duct tape -444.40 kr
Black duct tape -258.00 kr
Misc equipment (Biltema) -233.40 kr
Misc equipment (Jula) -398.40 kr
Floor Protection Paper -438.00 kr
Rigging gloves -319.20 kr
Pizza rigging -1,380.00 kr
Banking fee -5.00 kr
Ticket sale 45,789.25 kr
Sponsorship Collabora 7,164.73 kr

This leaves us with the result of 4,743.23 kr left over! The surplus will be spent on future events.

That’s pretty much it for this post! As we said during the closing event, we intend on making a Black Valley 2023 as well, please stay tuned for further announcements on that end!